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ROCKTheory Life Leader


Rock Theory Life



Life Leader Package

ROCKTheory’s Life Leader package includes two programs. This package was created for the ANYONE who wants to  improve their Leadership skills, while deepening their knowledge and understanding the benefits of nutrition and meditation.

  1. Leadership
  2. Life


Leadership is the engine that drives ROCKTheory programs. Everyone is welcome and invited to take this seminar; it was created for anyone looking to improve leadership skills regardless of profession. This seminar will provide you with ROCKTheory’s Blueprint; for an easy, joyful and effective communication system. With the goal being the joy of the journey, not the arrival. You will explore the six human needs, coupled with practical application and games to learn how to support yourself and others in the process.

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ROCKTheory would not be complete without its Life program. Anyone who wants to enrich their life through the knowledge of nutritionmeditation and breath is invited. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you maximize your health, vitality and energy.

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