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ROCKTheory would not be complete without its Life program. Anyone who wants to enrich their life through the knowledge of nutrition, meditation and breath is invited. You will learn tools and strategies that will help you maximize your health, vitality and energy.

You will understand how to take responsibility for your health and become the guardian of it, empowered with the knowledge to make better choices and to live by those choices. While it is important to fuel your body, it is equally important to nourish your mind and spirit. LIFE will teach you how to release stress through meditation. Most of our lives are spent looking outside ourselves for happiness and fulfillment. Through the practice of meditation you will turn your attention within to re-discover yourSELF, which is the source of all peace, creativity and joy.

We will also explore the power of breath and how it relates to our energy and vitality. Through proper breathing you can vastly improve your health.

In addition, we will explore Primordial Sound Meditation where we will use sound in the form of a mantra to take us on our inward journey. During this workshop you will receive your own very personal mantra to help you along on this journey.

  • What you EAT, When you EAT, How you EAT
  • The most important liquid in the world, WATER
  • Why a good nights SLEEP is so important and how to achieve it
  • MEDITATION, the antidote to stress
  • The power of your BREATH
  • SUPPLEMENTS, do we need them and if so which ones
  • What are SUPERFOODS and how can we incorporate them into our daily lives.


  • If Not Now, When by Ellen Nalaboff

Seminar Hours

  • Friday 5-8pm
  • Saturday 12-6pm
  • Sunday 12-6pm

Upon Completion

Receive a certificate of completion

Joseph Pilates was bullied as a child due to his weak constitution, it was this situation that caused him to begin his life journey to fitness and health. “The mind, when housed within a healthful body possesses a glorious sense of Power.”

~ Joseph Pilates

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