I started at ROCK Pilates after having my second child and was desperate to get back into shape! It was really hard to find a place that offered the right combination of variety, intensity, and positivity. But ROCK Pilates is exactly that and more. Every work out leaves me feeling full of energy, positivity, and amazed with what my body can do. Walking into the studio is like a breath of fresh air. Everyone is so friendly and I actually can’t wait to workout instead of dreading it. Ellen is like a fireball of positive energy and eternal youth. She loves to share her incredible secrets to fitness, nutrition, and life. I truly love ROCK Pilates and they hold a very special place in my heart!

~ Jen F.

Since my first day ROCK, my experience has been terrific!! Always greeted by a warm and welcoming smile and most times a hug. ROCK Pilates has made a huge difference in the way I live my life. I have been a long-time yoga fan, but found that I needed to change my routine, so I tried Pilates. My first time at ROCK Pilates was 2 years ago and I’ve been devoted to it ever since. I am fortunate enough to not only enjoy the wonderful selection of classes and great teachers, but I privately train with an instructor who is awesome!!! She has helped me to strengthen my core, tone up my arms and legs, recommend better food choices, and generally improve the way I look and feel. The studio is friendly, inviting, not intimidating as some can be, and a great location for me. So if you want a great place to improve your body, mind and spirit give ROCK Pilates a try!!!

~ Laurel N.

The idea of men going to a Pilates class struck me as wimpy so I did not initially mention to my colleagues and friends that I was going to ROCK Pilates. When I attended my first class, I immediately became aware that this “Pilates stuff” is much more intense than Yoga.

After overcoming the bruise to my ego that women in the room were able to execute strenuous exercises seemingly with ease, while I was straining to keep up, I decided to seek the anonymity of a private Pilates session. Within a short period of time, I have become familiar with the various exercises so that in a one-hour class I am now able to stretch my whole body, keeping up with the class. The benefit of a private session for me at ROCK Pilates is that my instructor is so well versed in the repertoire of possible Pilates exercises, that she can “sculpt” each session’s focus based upon my particular ailment that day: lower back pain, shoulder stiffness etc., hence I refer to her as Dr. Karina. I have gone to physical therapy in prior years when I had a dead shoulder, but going to ROCK Pilates today is like preventive medicine to help my posture and general feeling of well-being. Going forward as more Health Insurance plans allow for health savings accounts for preventive measures to maintain good health, I would expect that Pilates classes may be included in one’s ability to direct health savings accounts to pay for Pilates classes. Regardless, common sense suggests that as people find out about ROCK Pilates, they get hooked and become the best advertising agents.

~ Rod T.

I am a fifty-year-old woman and have been doing Pilates for 15 years. After becoming a part of the ROCK family, I realized that I have never really done Pilates. I first came to ROCK almost two years ago with a chronic hip and lower back problem. I was leaning toward surgery when a friend convinced me to give Ellen and her incredibly talented team a try. Within three months, I felt better than I had in a decade and the idea of surgery was a distant memory. There is not a weak instructor on the ROCK team because they all go through the same rigorous training program. Their vast knowledge and dedication to every detail of the body’s movement is only part of their recipe for inspiring success. It is their obvious love for living a healthy, well-rounded life, combined with, their commitment to the spiritual as well as physical journey to wellness and longevity that makes the ROCK experience so positively unique. Whether they are offering me a scented oil to calm me, or kicking my butt to pure exhaustion, my time at ROCK is never wasted time. Every time I leave ROCK Pilates, I feel like I am a better version of myself. And that feels great!

~ Debbie R.

Before meeting Ellen and her ROCK team, I didn’t realize that I was just a bump on a log, but after coming to classes and meeting with Ellen for health counseling – who gave me enormous amounts of support and encouragement to stay on track, but yet was still firm to make sure I was sticking to it – has made me want to go out and become active in real life. I took my kids stand up paddle boarding, which I would have never done in my life. I’ve tried paddle board yoga. She has made me become so much more active in my everyday life.

~ Jeanine B.